Project Description

Cloud Expo Asia


Cloud Expo Asia is North Asia’s largest gathering of cloud expertise. It attracted business and technology leaders from across North Asia and the rest of the world.

Today’s environments have many critical infrastructures that need to be monitored such as servers, databases, computers, bandwidth, ip cameras, health devices, website availability, alarm systems, thermostat systems and so much more. Technicians need more tools to manage devices.

Being an experienced cloud service provider in Hong Kong, Vertex joined with Paessler AG to demonstrate the unified PRTG Network monitoring solutions for IoT, healthcare and environmental applications. Our solution enables you to monitor network activity, track bandwidth usage, monitor the availability of network devices as well as website availability, monitor network connections, and can be used to check latency jitter.

Solutions Highlight

Internet of Things

Monitor the entire system networks and devices and get alerted before problems occur.


Monitor all of your IT infrastructure including IT and non-IT components such as X-Ray, CT, MRI and blood fridges

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor real-time environment data including temperature, humidity, smoke, water, power, sound, carbon dioxide etc.

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